South Indian Chettinad Chef – CRISPY DOSA RESTAURANT.

Job Title: South Indian Chettinad Chef

Job Description:

A dynamic and experienced South Indian Chettinad Chef is sought for Crispy Dosa, a renowned South Indian vegetarian restaurant. The successful candidate will be adept at working in a South Indian kitchen, showcasing a high level of creativity, consistency, and competency in preparing Chettinad dishes, regional South Indian dishes, and traditional Chettinad curries with a South Indian twist.



– Prepare, cook, and finish complex made-to-order regional, High-Class vegetarian, and traditional Chettinad curries using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods.

– Create fresh ground Chettinad masalas, complex marinades, concentrated stock, herb & spice blends, and ingredient fusions as per the Head Chef’s formulations.

– Plan seasonal dishes and specials alongside established menus.

– Specialize in Biryani dishes, other rice dishes, and the increasingly popular breakfast menu.

– Monitor and manage food waste, routine stock ordering, and conduct quality checks.

– Ensure compliance with hygiene and health & safety guidelines.

– Regulate and monitor food temperatures, assist in cost analysis and review.

– Demonstrate a high level of personal hygiene and uphold professional food quality, safety, and sanitation standards in the kitchen.

– Exhibit excellent communication skills in English.

– Work under pressure while maintaining composure and agility.



– High level of creativity, consistency, and competency in preparing Chettinad dishes and regional South Indian dishes.

– Expertise in creating high-quality spice fusions, marinades, and Chettinad curry bases.

– Previous experience at the required skill level.

– Willingness to assume responsibility.

– Passionate about regional Tandoori cuisines and Curry Dishes.

– Excellent communication skills in English.

– Hardworking, self-confident individual capable of working under pressure in a full-time capacity.

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